In gambling houses you will find many games played with cards: blackjack, poker and baccarat are the most popular of them. In each games cards are dealt by dealers (in some variations of baccarat players take part of dealers), and most of the dealers know how to make a performance from the process of shuffling cards. In real casinos that is one of the most expected events, as everyone wants to see how good dealer is.

The better dealer is in shuffling cards, the lower chances to peep the cards player has. For some players it can really be the best night ever is dealer cannot shuffle cards quickly and is not able to keep them closed from everyone. But of course, that is an extremely rare event, so you should not rely upon this situation and be able to play game fairly.

Ways of Shuffling Cards

There are six basic ways of shuffling cards that are generally used by casino dealers:

  1. Overhand Shuffle is the easiest way of shuffling cards. In fact, dealers rarely implement this method as it is too slow for quick casino tempo, and in case of rush shuffling a lot of people can see the lower cards of the deck.
  2. Hindu Shuffle method is widely spread in Asian casinos, although many dealers for Europe and America start to use this method of card shuffling. It is very quick method of shuffling cards and it requires a lot of practice to be performed in a correct way.
  3. Weave Shuffle is loved by many dealers, as it is extremely easy way of shuffling cards, and at the same time it is very entertaining. It is more a performance that a simple shuffling, that is why this method is frequently used in traditional casinos.
  4. Many players think that Riffle Shuffle in the most complicated way of shuffling cards, though it is rather easy to master. As any other of methods it has some tricks and details that make it very interesting to watch and trying to see what cards are dealt. But making all moves correctly no one can ever see what cards have been shuffled.
  5. Table Riffle shuffling is usually performed at the poker tables. It is probably the only way of shuffling that keeps all the cards revealed permanently, in this way promoting fair process of shuffling and dealing.
  6. Strip Shuffle as well as previously mentioned ways of shuffling cards is not very easy to perform. It is one of the most complicated ways of shuffling cards as if you want to master it, it can take a lot of time.

Card Shuffling at Online Casinos

The best way for you to figure out how cards are shuffled in online gambling houses is to go to Still, we’d like you to mention few details for you here. Firstly, process of shuffling cards at traditional casinos is absolutely different than in online gambling houses. In online casinos cards are shuffled with the help of special software, and if fact, there are no material equipment. You will never be able to peep the cards in online casinos, as it just impossible. In live dealer games in online casinos the cards are shuffled like in real casinos.