Cheating in casinos is wrong, but there are always unscrupulous individuals ready to cheat the house. For each game in the casino, you can be sure that there are a number of individuals working on how to win at it by scamming the casino and other players. Here are a few ruses used in casino games.

  • Roulette cheating
  • To cheat at roulette, you can either observe the roulette table and find ways of placing bets, switching bets or remove bets fast before the dealer calls it; or observe the croupier and use their technique to win in the game. The last one involves the use of technology, whereby you use computers that have particular programs capable of calculating the advantages of a set table.

    The first one requires fast reflexes but is highly risky, and the other one requires that you play a game for a particular length of time and observe the croupier and their way of dealing before you can benefit from it. It’s also risky because croupiers are experts at their trade, and once they realize you have learned their routine, they can use this to your disadvantage, causing you to make huge losses. As for the third option of computer devices, it’s very hard to get such devices into a casino without getting caught.

  • Cheating in poker
  • There are many ways of cheating in poker such as


This refers to two poker players at the table teaming up to gain an unfair advantage over the other players at the table. It can be done by the culprits tag teaming, to ensure that all the other players fold and one of the individuals wins the pot. It can also be done by sharing information one player to another such as the kind of hand one is in possession of.

Use of marked objects

This involves the use of items such as marked cards to gain advantage over other players. In most cases, it requires that the host of the game is let in on the ruse. This is because it is easy for them to replace the legitimate cards with the marked ones as opposed to one of the players being able to do it. The marked cards are normally marked at a set point that only the scammer knows. They are marked in such a way that the player can identify each card just by looking at the back of the cards during a game. This helps him/her to manipulate the game to his/her advantage.

Sleight of hand

This is a difficult technique to perfect, but once it is mastered, it can help an unscrupulous poker player steal a lot of money in poker games. It can be used to exchange a card for another, get rid of a bad card in favor of another or give the impression that cards have been shuffled in a particular way when they have not. There are many ways that a sleight of hand expert can use to manipulate a poker game, as long as they are skilled enough to do it.

Cheating in casino games is rampant, and each game has different techniques that are known to have been used in the past, to win games unfairly. These techniques continue to be used while others are invented and casinos always try to keep a close eye on patrons to ensure that they catch cheaters at their game.