Betting in poker plays a big role when it comes to winning. This is an intimidating part of playing poker because placing a bet the wrong way can get you out of the game. It doesn’t help that there are other players making bets at the same time you are, and they can confuse you. Some players actually use bets as a strategy to confuse fellow player and have them fold. In the confusion, you may forget the rules of poker bets, yet they are simple as illustrated below:

The basics of poker bets

Before a hand of poker is dealt, players have to place starting bets to create the prize pot. This is what you hear referred to as the “ante”. This is a small bet, avoid wager a huge amount as it is just a way of raising the stakes for all the players at the table.

Once the game starts, the rounds of bets start to get aggressive. After each new deal of cards, a round of betting is expected. When making these bets you have the following options

  • Check- This is where a player avoids adding a bet to the pot and passes to the next player. This approach can only be used by a player if no other bets have been placed before his turn.
  • Call- This is the matching of the current highest bet
  • Raise – This is matching the highest bet and adding some money on top. This approach raises the minimum bet for all the players at the table.
  • Fold – This approach is normally the last resort where a player places his cards face down and steps out of the game. It does not involve placing any wagers.

While you understand the different wagers you can make, you should be aware of the limits available to you.

Poker game limits

The rule of limits in poker is that you must always play a limit that is favorable to your bankroll. Don’t overextend yourself. One you understand this, you can access any of the following limits

  • Spread limits – This requires players to bet within a set range, meaning there is a set minimum and a set maximum.
  • Fixed limits – This means that the amount of money that a player is allowed to raise or bet is fixed per round of betting. If you have a $ 1 - $ 5 fixed limit, you are not allowed to raise more than $1 in the early round of the game and no more than $5 in the later rounds.
  • Pot limit – With such a game players are not allowed to raise more than the current pot amount. These games have the potential to become high stake games since some players easily double the pot amount. They require an individual to have a substantial bankroll to be on the safe side.
  • No limit – With these games there is no- limit to the amount of money you can bet at any point of the game. These are the games with the highest stakes in poker.

These are the basics of poker betting that can help you make a wise bet in a game of poker.