Are you a gamer or a gambler?  If you go to the casino every once in a while to play casino games, you are a gambler, but whether you play for money or for fun that is your personal matter.  If you haven’t been to a casino at all or haven’t been there long enough to choose a game to stick to because it is easy to play, enjoyable and rewarding, you should read this post to know which casino games you shouldn’t choose as your favorite – at least not before you fully know them.

We’ve composed this list based on frequent casino statistics gathered by reliable reps of gaming/gambling business. This post should be attended to by everyone who’s playing casino games on a regular basis or from time to time. Still, all these pieces of advice would be most useful for Canadian players as the stats we refer to is from Maple Gaming, one of the oldest and most reliable web-sites for Canadian casino players.

So, here we go:

i) Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker, also called Casino stud poker, is among the few games offered in many casinos around the world.  What makes this game distasteful is the high house edge of 5.22% on optimal playing – a clear bias towards the house.  Besides the high edge, this game also requires that a player plays (raises) a bet equivalent to double the previous bet to contest a hand in poker.

ii) American Roulette (Double Zero)

Roulette is a fun and enjoyable game to play, but when you walk into the casino and they have the American styled roulette wheel with 38 numbers (including a double zero 00 in addition to zero 0), this is bad news.  This table has a lower winning probability for the player compared to the European version of the roulette with just 37 numbers 0 to 36.

iii) Three Card Poker

When playing 3 card poker, a player is required to place the first bet and thereafter raise bets by same amount as the initial bet.  Although this poker game has a lower house edge of 2.70% compared to 5.22% of the Caribbean stud poker.  This is one of the most skewed and complicated poker games for beginners and unless you have played poker before and know all the rules, stay away from the three card poker table at the casino.

iv) Craps without a Win/Pass Line

Craps or dice where players can only place limited bets often have very high house edge percentages that range between 5.56% and 16.67%.  the plain old craps has an house edge of as low as 2.78% but with the extra rule ruling out the Pass or Win line, the game is a lot different.  Scout the casino for a better craps table with a pass line, which often have a house edge of 1.4% - acceptable odds for any casino game.

v) Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is built to make the player think they almost won and should try again when actually the chances of winning are extremely low compared to the house edge.  The wheel is often a huge circular board divided into 9 areas, each with 6 smaller parts with denominations that the player can win.  The wheel has 24 $1 spots, 15 $2 spots, 7 $5 spots, 4 $10 spots, 2 $20 spots and one $40 joker and $40 symbol.