The 8-Game Mix of Poker Game is a type of poker which is currently gaining a lot of fame since people usually get interested in new games with new set of rules. It is nicknamed as 8-game since it consists of eight different poker games. This means that the end game is determined the moment people are through with the eight games. Officially is called THORSEHA. The eight games include; (T); Holdem Limit (H); Omaha Limit Hi-Lo (O); Razz (R); Seven Card Stud Limit (S); Eights or Better Hi-Lo Limit Stud (E); Holdem No Limit (H); and Pot Limit Omaha Poker..

It is important to note that all these have different rules therefore they are played differently. It is usually considered among the toughest since the rules vary from the other ordinary poker games. It is therefore every evident tat in order for one to win they have to strategize for each of the eight games. This is often trickier as compared to the other games since you have to adapt with the environment of every game therefore requires people to be highly skilled. It is only by doing so will you increase the chances of winning since the opponents also change their strategies based on the way they have performed in the past games. It is therefore very important that you stay ahead of the opponents.

The game is played with 6 players at the table and therefore there are six hands for each of the eight games. One thing that is for certain is that not all poker players are good at each of the poker variants. In this game therefore it is very important that the players adjust their strategies accordingly so that they are able to boost their chances of winning. I that case therefore you should increase your level of aggression when you are at the game that you are good at.

These games can either be played online or on the table. For the cases whereby they are played online most people are usually in the game for fun. Therefore you have to ensure that you use the opportunity so that you gather the necessary skills that you might need in the future games. The internet therefore is able to allow people to practice therefore increasing their poker skills. This is a platform that you can use so that you practice all the 8 games. By doing so you will be able to improve hence making you a better player at the table

The most essential challenge of the game is usually ensuring that you stay in the groove throughout the 8 games. Most people usually get tired and this lowers their guards. It is therefore advisable that people master most but not all so that they focus most of their interests in those specific games. Finally, the 8-game poker can be played online where people get to form some of the largest poker rooms. You can take advantage of these and win some games and get to make some money.